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Suspended Cymbal


Classical suspended cymbal
A suspended cymbal is any single cymbal played with a stick or beater rather than struck against another cymbal. The term comes from the modern orchestra, in which the term cymbals normally refers to a pair of clash cymbals. The first suspended cymbals used in the modern orchestra were one of a pair of orchestral cymbals, supported by hanging it bell upwards by its strap. This technique is still used, especially for softer passages, but has largely been replaced by specialised cymbals with larger mounting holes that can be mounted on a cymbal stand.

Occasionally the term suspended cymbal is still used in the original sense of one of a pair of orchestral cymbals hung by its strap, and this is the usage in older scores and may be the wish of modern conductors in playing them. It is essential to check this before committing to a particular technique.

On the other hand, some orchestras now forbid use of their fine pairs of cymbals in this way. Thin (or French) cymbals are particularly liable to damage if played loudly with a stick. Unfortunately, up until they do start to break, they give a superb sound! This has been the subject of some controversy and will continue to be so.

In a drum kit, nearly all the cymbals used are suspended cymbals in the broadest sense, the main exceptions being pairs of hi-hat cymbals.

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