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Born Adam Tinley, England. Adamski's first recordings were cut at the age of 11 as a member of the Stupid Babies, a pre-teen punk duo (with his brother) immortalized on the Fast Products Earcom 3 sampler. He was also a member of Diskord Datkord in 1987, who released one single - a cover version of X-Ray Spex's "Identity" (his brother subsequently formed Garden Of Eden). Adamski went on to record as a keyboard player on instrumental dance music records. His solo breakthrough came with the release of "N-R-G", which reached number 12 in the UK charts in January 1990. Unfortunately, legal action from Lucozade, who claimed the single plagiarized their advertising slogan, forced him to donate £5,000 of his royalties to charity. He replied with April's massive dancefloor hit and UK number 1, "Killer". This tautly orchestrated electronic piece was enhanced by the emotive vocals of guest vocalist Seal. September's follow-up, "The Space Jungle", which derived from "All Shook Up", was hammered by the critics, but still reached UK number 7. While his former vocalist went on to national adoration, Adamski slipped from view, although he did enjoy a minor hit with "Flashback Jack" at the end of 1990. An epitaph, of sorts, was offered on the Naughty track, "Take The Money And Run": "I've been chewed up and spat out by the restrictions of dance". Many critics judged such petulance as sour grapes following his commercial decline. The same year he joined with Elton John to remix "Medicine Man" for charity, but was not sighted for some time afterwards. He went on to form remix team the Jet Slags with Mr Monday, working on projects including Bump's "I'm Rushin'". He signed a new deal with ZTT Records and returned in July 1998 with a new single, "One Of The People", and the attendant Adamski's Thing. The album eschewed the hardcore sound of the earlier records for a mellow house vibe influenced by Adamski's visits to Ibiza.


Liveandirect (MCA 1989)**, Dr. Adamski's Musical Pharmacy (MCA 1990)**, Naughty (MCA 1992)**, Adamski's Thing (ZTT/Uptown 1998)***.


Liveandirect (MCA 1990).

Music Albums

Doctor Adamski's Musical Pharmacy
MCA Records

MCA Records

Naughty *
MCA Records

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